Friday, April 8, 2011

yesterday i was searching the web for cake pop ideas and found rocky road cake pops. the recipe only called to use pecans and marshmallows as decoration on the outside, but that didn't seem rocky road enough for me. so i ventured into making my own version of a rocky road cake pop. THEY WERE AMAZING. and nine fit perfectly into one of my hello kitty lunch boxes for sharing. :)

Rocky Road Cake Balls

-triple chocolate cake mix (and ingredients required)
-about 1/2 cup chocolate cream cheese frosting
-about 1/2 cup chopped almonds
-about 2 cups halved miniature marshmallows
-dark chocolate candy melts

-bake cake according to the box
-in a big bowl crumble the cake once it has cooled
-add frosting until you get the cake moist. start off with a little bit and then work your way up. (I used a bit more than 1/2 cup because i wanted it to be extra moist for the marshmallows & almonds to bind.)
-add almonds & marshmallows
-mix everything until well combined and refrigerate overnight.
-roll mixture into balls on wax paper
-cover the balls and place in freezer for about 15min-1hr (it depends on how fast you want to make them, or if you want to take your time)
-melt the candy melts according to directions on bag
-dip balls using a toothpick inserted and then use a second toothpick to take the ball out and scrape off excess chocolate
-place dipped cake balls on wax paper to dry

(this will make about 40 or so cake balls!)


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